Press Reviews

"His all-original music is just stunning, in both quality and energy.  He plays guitars and flutes (panpipes, actually) masterfully and with total passion for getting his message across to the listener... I had reviewed him in issue #75 and was most impressed then, but "Razon Con Amor" takes it a level up." 
- Rotcod Zzaj, Improvijazzation Issue #99 NEW!

"Reynolds' pipes will soar you to the outer edges of the universe!" 
- Rotcod Zzaj, Improvijazzation Issue #99 NEW!

[An] entrancing body of music blending Andean and African influences. With haunting panpipes, intricate rhythmic patterns and dramatic chords, the music of Karumanta merges ancient styles and instruments to create a startingly fresh sound." 
- San Jose Mercury News 

"The blending of traditions and cultures as the music crossed borders, migrated and evolved over the course of history, over empires falling and rising and countries gaining and losing dominance and power; this is the experience Oscar Reynolds brings to his music.” 
- San Francisco Observer

"Multi-instrumentalist and composer Oscar Reynolds' music is a bridge between many worlds with a common culture. He blends the exciting musical world of Bolivia and Peru with the traditions of Spanish music. On his latest release River of Light he captures the ethnic essences of every part of the world producing a spirited instrumental anthology. His flutes, guitars and many other ethnic instruments combine to make an album of contemporary and World music with unifying Latin overtones. His compositions are exciting and full of high spirits." 
- RJ Lannan, New Age Reporter 

"Oscar Reynolds as composer and multi-instrumentalist has the uncanny knack for writing some of the most compelling Latin originals around."
- J.Sin,

"An exotic, tasty blend of guitar and Andean flute. The music of Oscar Reynolds and his top musician friends is a magical and at times--mystical, delight. This is top quality World Music played by fine artists."
- A. Canales, The Critical Review

"...destacado vientista boliviano. En todas sus melódicas piezas, Reynolds da cuenta de la riqueza cultural de la música de su país."
["Outstanding Bolivian flutist. In all his melodic pieces, Reynolds reveals the cultural wealth of his country's music."]
- Periódico Opiníon, Bolivia

"Oscar Reynolds...created a tempest fingering his way around the length of a guitar and breathing his soul into a pan flute." 
- The Weekly Calistogan

"Oscar Reynolds is a renaissance man of South American music." 
- Metro Silicon Valley 

Thus, in Oscar’s music you have diverse cultural traditions joining together based on time period, means, and circumstance. History, tradition, and geography are just as important as scales and beats, sharps and flats."
- San Francisco Observer  

”Reynolds is fearlessly innovative, crossing cultural borders while remaining strongly rooted in tradition. His music reflects the continuous, dynamic, and ever-changing tradition in Bolivian music from the Spanish conquest of the Americas to the present. Joining Bolivian, Afro-Peruvian, and Spanish cultures through music, Reynolds brings Bolivia, Peru, and Spain together, not as the conquered and conquistador, nor as separate countries, but as one Hispanic culture rich in art and creativity.”
Sentinel, Nov. 2005

Any flute player would marvel at the tight control over each note Reynolds displays while packing a stream of emotions into his complex scale runs, but to see him do that and play the guitar is quite impressive.”
- San Francisco Observer

"Oscar Reynolds es un multifacético músico boliviano que viene difundiendo la cultura del país por el mundo." 
["Oscar Reynolds is a multi-faceted Bolivian musician advocating the culture of his country throughout the world."]
- El Diario, Bolivia

"Full of supremely soulful music from the heart. His music is just so easy to fall in love with!" 
- Improvijazzation 

"A tasty audio sonolog that weaves a musical spell with a grace and dexterity that will keep you coming back for more."
- Chris Specter, Midwest Record Recap

"Oscar Reynolds turns in fine Latin melodies in the shape of flamenco and South American folk rock. The glimmer from his airy flute melodies shines brilliance across all of the tracks."
-J. Sin,

“Reynolds is an expert flutist.”
- Marcella Cirignola, Amazing Sounds

”More than just a talented musician. The music Oscar Reynolds creates is a lot like a stretch of water that flows…closer listening reveals shimmering waves of sound that ripple with complexity and deep currents that flow steadily through the human heart.”
Drake Narada, Black Diamond Living Magazine

"He wisely combines the Bolivian roots of his musical career with elements of new instrumental music. With his warm Andean panflutes, he transports us to dreamy worlds."
- Amazing Sounds 

"Reynolds'...approach to traditional tunes and more contemporary themes in the music bring far more light and shade to the sound... 
- Dave Atkin, World Music Central  

"Karumanta is a compelling mix of acoustic sound and wind instrumentation, attracting a wide range of admiration in traditional and New Age circles." 
- Metro Silicon Valley 

“Bolivia’s Oscar Reynolds is a master of the Andean panflute.
Reynolds doesn’t go for a sound that is merely dreamy or exotic or new agey. His music has genuine spark and snap, giving the layered intricacy of these instrumental pieces enough variation while remaining true to the essentials.”
- Tom Orr, Global music writer for The Beat, Global Rhythm, etc.

"This blending of traditional and modern, more relaxed with more fast-paced influences not just his life, but his music."
- Victory Review, March 2006

"Give it a listen and see if you don't discern the blending of the Spanish influence with the timeless rhythms of an ancient people. But I must warn you: these simple yet haunting melodies can be both intoxicating and addictive."
- Nightflying 

"Beautiful melodies that range from a symphonic romanticism to a World Music of mystic suggestions are plentiful."
- Marcella Cirignola, Amazing Sounds

"The melodic mix of flutes and guitar–the passion and soul of Bolivian music...Oscar Reynolds’ acoustic and wind instruments made magic.”
- Chester Progressive

"Oscar Reynolds from the Bay Area has a distinct style of music highlighted by the plaintive notes of the quena, a sound that comes from the high country but that reaches the depths of the soul. The melodies seem to mirror the awesome, timelessly spiritual feeling of viewing such wonders as Lake Titicaca (the highest lake in the world) and Macchu Picchu in Peru. The music is elevating, and it is an uplifting experience to hear. It is a thought-provoking, yet unintentional lesson in geography through music.”
- Mountain Democrat

“When Oscar plays the antara, it is a very mystic, spiritual experience.”
- Avalon Bay News  

“A beautiful mix on acoustic guitar and handcrafted pan-flute."
- Castro Valley Forum

“Elevated music." 
- Mountain Democrat

- The Weekly Calistogan

Oscar’s music put most of the people under some kind of enchantment, the children were no exception; most of them approached Oscar and got very quiet to listen to and enjoy his wonderful performance. When he plays… he closes his eyes and goes deep into the music, creating the most beautiful, soothing, and soul-healing music.” 
- Avalon Bay News

"In a field already overrun with excellent musicians, the Bolivian band Karumanta is the current favorite of fans of traditional Andean music. It plays music that is alternately introspective and joyful."
- Larry Kelp, East Bay Express

"All the musicians…represent the purest traditional sound."
- Chiori Santiago, Artsbeat, East Bay Express

"In a field already overrun with excellent musicians, the Bolivian band Karumanta is the current favorite of fans of traditional Andean music."
- Larry Kelp, East Bay Express

“The music was wonderful. The crowd around the stage was swept away with the luscious, haunting pan-flute melodies supported by the Bolivian rhythms Reynolds played on his guitar. Oscar Reynolds’ haunting sounds captivated the crowd.
- Castro Valley Forum

"...prestigiosos músicos"
["...prestigious musicians"]
- El Diario, Bolivia

"There's an effortless quality to the music that reflects the professionalism of the group."
- Rambles.NET full review 

"Reynolds plays the panpipes very well...bringing a wide range of tone, feeling, and musicality from the panpipes." January 2005
- Chris Nickson, Global Village

River of Light CD Reviews

"River of Light is a beautiful work that deserves a wide audience! This is top quality World Music played by fine artists. I highly recommend this project."
- The Critical Review

"This CD is, quite simply, the best album I've listened to in this issue...extremely well-recorded, and full of supremely soulful music from the heart. His music is just so easy to fall in love with!" 
- Improvijazzation 

"There will be very little that your ears don't like. I'm highly impressed, and expect we (and you) will be hearing a LOT more music from this master. "River of Light" gets our MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating! 
- Improvijazzation

"River of Light suggests that there is a confluence of light everywhere you look throughout the day and from the night. Oscar Reynolds has gathered it up and used it as inspiration for his beautiful flute music. Every song is warm, friendly and energizing." full review
- New Age Reporter 

"Sin duda, uno de los 10 mejores álbumes que recibí este año 2005 (más de 150, de momento)." [No doubt, one of the 10 best albums that I have received in 2005 (more than 150 at the moment.)]
- Francisco Manuel, LA OTRA ORILLA at, Spain

"The eleven instrumental pieces combine flamenco guitar and Latin rhythms with Reynolds' melancholy antara flute, the notes sometimes a sad conspiratorial whisper, others a joyful cry of release. These mellow yet upbeat songs have one foot in the traditional world music, with the other planted in a more contemporary, new age feel. While it may not get you moving, this river flows along nicely."
- James Rodgers, Victory Review

"Oscar Reynolds refers to his music as '...a flow of melodies that glide along like a river of light,' hence the title of the album. And that's as accurate a description of the music on this album as one might come up with." full review 
- Rambles.NET 

"The overall effect marries South American folk with flamenco while gorgeous sensual melodies quick one's pulse and send the spirit soaring."
- Arizona Networking News 

"An all instrumental recording full of evocative Andean rhythms and melodies." full review
- Angel Romero, World Music Central 

"Airy, flute-based melodies, which represent the spirit of the high Andes, over soft acoustic guitar and charango melding together with Afro-influenced rhythms...result in a light, tranquilizing feel with a touch of sadness and longing in every note." 
- San Francisco Observer

"Reynolds'...approach to traditional tunes and more contemporary themes in the music bring far more light and shade to the sound... There's an effortlessness in 'River of Light' which takes the listener on a timeless journey across imagined, endless plateaux, meeting broad sunset rivers flooded with sparkling light." full CD review
- Dave Atkin, World Music Central  

"The music is a melting pot of Spanish flamenco nylon string sway, Andean string instruments and percussion and of course lofty smooth vocal-like lines delivered around the lush rhythms from Oscar's antara. This is almost 70 minutes of soothing uplifting melody that flows very much like a languid slow moving river from Oscar's soul to that of the listener."
- Mike Blackburn, Sea of Tranquillity

"There's an effortless quality to the music that reflects the professionalism of the group. It's difficult to name a favorite from the 11 tracks." full review
- Rambles.NET  

"Río de Luz is superb and very exciting."
- Kitty Norris, KMFB/KZYX

"Polyphonic rhythms and a lush tapestry of guitar, charango, Andean pipes (antara) and bass...gorgeous and sensual melodies..." full review
- Cranky Crow World Music

"Tranquil and relaxing--a perfect backdrop for dining or just listening."
- Rambles.NET full review

"Río de Luz is a beautiful CD full of engaging and warm rhythms." 
-Robert Heriford, KGPR 

"Río de Luz is a great CD; it's simply beautiful!"
-Kaveh Nicpour, KCSM

"Inspiring." full CD review
- Bruce Von Stiers, BVS Reviews

"A very refreshing album for flamenco or South American music fans!" full review 
- Matthew Forss, Inside World Music with Paula E. Kirman 

"Oscar Reynolds reaches out for something different...a beautiful album." 
- World Discoveries