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Karumanta Music

Welcome to KARUMANTA MUSIC (Quechua for "From far away"), an independent record label with offices in the San Francisco Bay Area and Cochabamba, Bolivia that exclusively features the music of Bolivian composer, master flutist and guitarist Oscar Reynolds and his celebrated Andean ensemble Karumanta Jamuyku. Reynolds and his ensemble are based in San Francisco, California. With great pride we present the music of Bolivia from ancient traditions of the past to living traditions of the present. We also serve as management for Oscar Reynolds & his trio Karumanta.

The Karumanta label is embodied in Tata Inti, father sun and sustainer of life to Mr. Reynolds' ancestors, the ancient Incas of South America, whose powerful empire flourished thousands of years ago in the area of what are now Bolivia, Perú, and Ecuador, long before Columbus sailed to the Americas. Just as father sun illuminates the world, so we aim to illuminate through the music we present. 

KARUMANTA MUSIC is happy to present our 2009 releases Razon con Amor (Reason with Love) and Dream (Sonar). These albums reveal Mr. Reynolds' personality as he composed all of the tracks on both CDs with the exception of a new arrangement of the popular traditional piece "El Condor Pasa." With over 75 minutes of instrumental music on each CD, these new albums allow the listener to experience Oscar Reynolds' music as influenced by his environment and life experiences. Since living traditions are dynamic, Oscar's music reveals that music traditions can grow and encompass new genres and other cultures while retaining its roots. Also, by exploring the origins of our cultural roots, we learn that cultures, races, countries, and music have a common thread that unites us all as one people. We hope you enjoy these new CDs. Stay tuned for more projects underway.

Discover the cultural wealth of Bolivian music through Oscar Reynolds' music here at this site. Whether you enjoy traditional, contemporary, or new directions in Bolivian music, the diversity in our albums is bound to suit every taste. Experience Bolivia…Víva Bolivia!

"I absolutely love your music...It makes me feel as though I am floating away 
to someplace where I don't want to be found..." - Anna, Casselberry, Florida